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So, Dear One, you have attracted some disease, known or unknown or wish to enhance your immune system so it functions optimally? You have come to the right web site. The information on this site comes from years of spiritual work with some of the highest beings on the planet and off the planet! It is condensed material from thousands of hours of research and connected to the best ideas in natural healing available. It includes the teaching of some of the greatest yogis including Sri. Ramana Maharshi, Paramahansa Yogananda, Sri Swami Satchidananda. Also information from extraterrestrials such as Bashar, Elan, the Pleiadian Emmisary of Light, Sirian Archangelic League of Light, Arcturian League of Light and channelings of Mother Mary's College of Christ Consciousness and Master Kuthumi.

This is not the site for conventional thinkers who would prefer diagnosis, prognosis, surgery, pharmaceutical drugs and chemo therapy. This is the site where we do the mental work to find out why a certain condition exists, connect with our higher selves, prepare the body to work optimally, claim our personal sovereignty/power and cure the disease with vibration, belief, love, appreciation, gratitude, natural herbs, the newest technologies and the amazing power of the body to heal itself. There is no disease that cannot be cured and no operation is necessary. All beliefs are equally valid and are reflected equally.

First, it is only natural to feel a bit in shock, disbelief, anger, denial and fear. But, remember that your power ends where your fear begins! You will need to come to terms with the ultimate fear, which is the fear of death. But you will emerge with the knowledge that underlying this core fear is the unconditional love of God, Prime Creator, Higher Self or whatever label you want to use to define the infinite. As a spiritual seeker you will work through this and eventually realize that you do not want to live your life in fear. You will need to own your outer reflection and by taking responsibility, you can claim the power to fix anything you created. Blaming anyone or any organization will only create you as a victim. Know that energy that is channeled through negative emotions is not in alignment with your higher self. Energy that is in alignment with your higher self will reflect as love, excitement, joy and magic. The first thing to do, even if you can't see this at the moment is to put a positive spin on the situation. In time you will view the process as a gift. Sri Ramana Maharshi used to say that "You thank God for the good things in your life but not for the bad, this is where you go wrong." All events are actually neutral and we place judgment on them and in these circumstances place a positive emotional spin. This is also a great tip for any of life's circumstances that are viewed negatively.

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